Tempting Juliana (Regency Chase Family, #2) par Lauren Royal

Tempting Juliana (Regency Chase Family, #2) par Lauren Royal

Titre de livre: Tempting Juliana (Regency Chase Family, #2)

Auteur: Lauren Royal

Lauren Royal avec Tempting Juliana (Regency Chase Family, #2)

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London, 1816

Lady Juliana Chase wants nothing more than to see everyone around her happy. That's why she takes such pleasure in playing matchmaker. Her latest efforts involve Dr. James Trevor, the Earl of Stafford, and her good friend Amanda, who are absolutely perfect for each other. So why on earth is the handsome physician ignoring Juliana's good intentions and ruining her carefully laid plans?

After losing his wife, James buried himself in his work, opening a clinic to vaccinate London's poor against smallpox. The last thing he wants is to fall for another woman. So when Juliana meddles with his love life, he's surprised to find himself smitten—but not with Amanda. Now he must turn the tables and beat Juliana at her own game, or risk losing the determined beauty who has reawakened his desires and captured his heart...